Relying on over twenty years of expertise and knowledge of corporate life in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we offer our experience in three key fields:
  • Company incorporation and transfer.
  • Administrative monitoring and day-to-day management of companies.
  • Accounting and tax support.
Our goal is to facilitate our clients’ business in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by managing their relationship with their administrative, accounting and tax environment.

As an independent group, backed up by a multilingual team and stable contacts, Alpha Management Services (Luxembourg) S.A. et Alpha Expert S.A. we enjoy a trusting relationship with our clients based on expertise, thoroughness and the respect for confidentiality.

Our group is made up of two companies providing complementary services.

  • Alpha Management Services Luxembourg S.A. (AMS): since 1992, our fiduciary and consulting company has helped its clients with accounting, tax and corporate law.

  • Alpha Expert S.A.: a member of the Ordre des Experts Comptables, Alpha Expert assists the fiduciary and consulting company in the field of public accounting and company domiciling.
AMS and Alpha Expert bring together the skills of a range of experts from diverse backgrounds. This is further strengthened by their advanced training, their variety of nationalities and their individual experience. They offer their financial, tax and accounting skills to clients all over the world in order to guide them through the process of structuring their business activities or family assets.

An international experience
Our international experience is combined with a thorough knowledge of national laws and regulations. This approach means that we can more smoothly implement solutions tailored to your needs, working closely with financial centre specialists. This combination of skills and range of different experts, coupled with a need to be adaptive and responsive, makes us strong performers in all financial and tax engineering sectors. Our group enjoys an astute knowledge of local stakeholders, having been active in the Luxembourg financial centre for over 20 years. Our independence means that our clients are guaranteed the choice of the best partners to suit their needs and interests.

Dossiers internationaux Luxembourg Juridique fiscal social comptable Francis Lefebvre Jean Schaffner
Marc Schintgen, a chartered accountant from Luxembourg and the group’s Managing Director, has contributed to several editions of the reference book, ‘Dossiers internationaux – Luxembourg – Juridique, fiscal, social, comptable’, published in Éditions Francis Lefebvre (supervised by Jean Schaffner), 483 pages

Our clients.
Our clients, whatever their business sector, choose us for our expertise and our individually tailored service.
Our international and Luxembourgish client roster includes:
  • Entrepreneurs, traders, craftsmen and industrialists.
  • Multinationals, financial groups and family companies.
  • Self-employed people and professionals.

Our services
Company incorporation

From drafting articles of association to domiciling companies, we support new business leaders.
  • Preparing draft articles of association.
  • Working with all stakeholders in the incorporation process (notaries, bankers, statutory auditors etc.).
  • Searching for premises or company domiciling.
  • Statutory auditing.
  • Company incorporation.
  • Managing mandatory legal publications.
  • Registering the company with the Luxembourgish authorities.

Company administration

We provide your company’s day-to-day management.

Reception and logistics
  • Secretarial service for managing your correspondence, organising appointments, office, fax and telephone services.,
  • Providing premises for holding general, board, or ad hoc meetings..
Statutory obligations and formalities
  • Monitoring compliance with legal obligations (convening and holding Annual General Meetings, holding board meetings, drafting minutes, legal publications, ministerial authorisations, etc.),
  • Representing the company in Luxembourg and abroad,
  • Initial registration with various Luxembourgish administrations (settlement permits, VAT number, registration, Joint Social Security Centre [CCSS], etc.).
  • Internal management or group reports.


Save time by entrusting specialists with your accounting tasks.
  • Preparing and registering accounting entries.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • General accounting on a day-to-day basis and closing entries.
  • Invoicing and payments monitoring.
  • Intrastat (community statistics).
  • Preparing periodic balance sheets and interim financial statements tailored to your needs.

Social secretariat

We offer payroll management and monitoring of Social Security obligations.

  • Operating statements.
  • Support for Social Security formalities.
  • Recruitment and employment contract formalities management.
  • Payroll management, preparing reports and record keeping.
  • Managing sick leave.
  • Administrative management of withholding tax data sheets.
  • Electronic data transfer to the Joint Social Security Centre.
  • Salary payments, social security contributions and taxes.


Delegate and enhance your tax obligations so that you can focus on your company’s core business

  • Developing tax statements and formalities (Corporate Income Tax [IRC], Municipal Business Tax [ICC], Land Tax [IF], etc.).
  • Financial and tax advice.
  • Periodic and annual VAT statements.
  • Summary reports.
  • Tax returns for natural persons.
  • Tax payments.
  • Dealing with tax authorities.
Chartered accounting
We are regulated and monitored by the governing body of the accounting profession, the Ordre des Experts-Comptables. We have a recognised professional qualification and we comply with established professional ethics. Our multifaceted profession includes:
  • Checking your books and accounting records.
  • Assessing your company’s financial condition.
  • Preparing financial statements in time for the general meeting.
  • Preparing consolidated financial statements.
  • Filing accounts in electronic format.
  • Preparing accountancy reports.
  • Assisting as an independent service provider in the restructuring or liquidation process of your company.

Ordre des Experts-Comptables Luxembourg
Financial and tax management

We help you to find solutions that meet your expectations.

  • Analysing requirements.
  • Choosing the appropriate structure.
  • Providing information and suggestions about the practicalities of incorporating Luxembourgish companies.
  • Creating preliminary studies and responses tailored to the needs that we have identified.
  • Analysing the tax impact and financial implications of the options considered.
  • Investigating parafiscal implications (social security, taxes, etc.).
  • Supporting and implementing selected solutions (e.g. corporation, holding company, securitisation company, family wealth management company.
Luxembourg Holding Companies (SOPARFI)
Luxembourg Holding companies (“SOPARFI”) are part of the commercial companies and therefore are subject to common tax law. This type of company is ideal to hold interests in subsidiaries and thus benefit.
This type of company is ideal to hold interests in subsidiaries and thus benefit :
  • from many tax treaties concluded by the Luxembourg,
  • from the conditional exemption of dividends and capital gains in respect of certain conditions,
  • from a possible exemption of the withholding taxes on dividends in the country of origin,
  • from an exemption from withholding taxes on liquidation proceeds,
  • from a possible deductions of foreign withholding tax.
Family office.

Consulting and advisory in
  • wealth planning (reorganization, transfer of residence; ....)
  • financial matters (asset allocation and tracking, access to confidential investments)
  • Family issues (transmission and corporate governance)
Tax watch Global assets reporting
Family wealth management companies
Unlike SOPARFIs, family wealth management companies (SPFs) are governed by the law of 11 May 2007 and are not covered by common law. Some of the features of wealth planning include:
  • Family wealth management companies’ actives are strictly regulated and are limited to holding financial assets. All commercial activity is prohibited.
  • Family wealth management companies are exempt from corporation tax and pay a 0.25% subscription tax based on paid-up share capital plus share premium plus any portion of debt that exceeds the amount of the paid-up capital and share premium by eight times.
  • Family wealth management companies are excluded from most tax treaties signed by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Dividend distributions are exempt from any Luxembourgish withholding tax.
  • No Luxembourgish tax applies to capital gains from sale and distributions from net liquidation proceeds.
  • Family wealth management company associates must be natural persons or legal entities acting on their behalf.
SMEs and start-ups

From organising your company to improving its performance, AMS maximises your investment and supports your development.

  • Implementing commercial, operational and financial management dashboards.
  • Improving processes and optimising your information systems.
  • Coaching and enhancing your employees’ performance.
  • Analysing your activities (analytical accounting).
  • Business Plan :
    • Calculating costs.
    • Forecasting results.
    • Segmenting your profitability.
  • Management advice.
  • Helping to set up business ventures.
  • Restructuring companies.
  • Obtaining business permits.
  • All administrative formalities (VAT, income tax, etc.).
Securitisation companies 
  • Analysing requirements and proposing an appropriate structure.
  • Developing articles of association.
  • Requesting authorisation from the competent authorities.
  • Creation, domiciliation, administration.
  • Accounting / tax.
  • Calculating net asset values.

Other services

We supply the following services to our clients regularly:

  • Liaising with the Labour and Mines Inspectorate (ITM) for the posting of workers.
  • ad hoc agent for posted workers.
  • Registering foreign companies for VAT in Luxembourg.
  • Registering patents.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Independent managers or directors.
  • Advisory services on request.
Advantages of the Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
The various strengths of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg include:
  • Very good social and political stability.
  • A favourable regulatory and legal framework.
  • A long tradition of financial expertise.
  • A thorough knowledge of the needs of an international clientele.
  • Multicultural and multilingual teams of specialists.
  • A unique pool of experts in all financial fields.
  • Extensive experience in implementing financial planning solutions.
  • Access to lawyers and accounting experts who are particularly experienced in implementing international structures.
  • Located at the heart of Europe, easy access.
  • An excellent working environment and a high quality of life.

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